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Sir John Backs Local Plastic Campaign

John Hayes has pledged to support the Plastic Prevention Team’s efforts to reduce single-use plastics and increase local water refill stations

Writing to both South Holland and South Kesteven District Councils, Sir John asked for further information on existing plans to introduce water fountains or refill stations across the district – an initiative that would greatly reduce the number of plastic bottles.

This local initiative is being mirrored on a national level, with the Government introducing a new tax on plastic packaging and ban on straws and cotton buds in a bold legislative initiative designed to preserve and protect oceans and marine life.

Commenting on the work of the Plastic Prevention Team, Sir John said:

“It is shameful that multinational corporations continue to produce vast quantities of single use plastic, much of which takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Supermarkets and chains of coffee shops being particularly responsible. They stand in direct contrast to our local small businesses who are, by their nature, more environmentally sustainable. We must do everything we can to safeguards the majesty of nature and the inheritance of generations to come. I fully support the Plastic Prevention Team’s innovative thinking and positive use of technology and hope to see more water fountains and refill stations in the local area.”