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Gosberton House Academy

Gosberton House Academy are delighted to announce they have been re-accredited with the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

‘We are delighted to receive this recognition of our partnership working. It has been a very challenging time for all of us, and to know that what we are able to provide is so well regarded is a wonderful boost to staff. Congratulations to our families, staff and our wonderful children.’ – Miss Stanton.

Strengths of the school were identified as:

• Gosberton House Academy continues to embed and enhance a highly strategic approach to involving parents in their child’s learning, development and well-being. The school has ensured that parental involvement continues to be sustainable and forward thinking.

• ‘We feel it is important that the parents feel valued and listened to’ (staff). ‘When we drop our child off if he has an appointment during the school day we're always made to feel welcome from the moment the office answer the intercom at the gate - you can almost hear their smiles’ (parent).

• Parents are encouraged to engage with their child’s learning and development, ‘GHA in non Covid times offers wonderful opportunities for families to join their child(ren) for learning celebrations, fund-raising and other events like harvest festival & dads or mum afternoons. We get the chance to see the children in the surroundings where they spend most of their time. We get to explore the forest school and all the play areas. We gain greater understanding about what our children do and enjoy at school by seeing things for ourselves’ (parent). Engagement is encouraged thoughtfully, using the most appropriate ways to meet the needs of individual pupils and their families.

• Current systems have been adapted and developed to meet the needs of pupils and families during the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting provision to help parents support their child’s learning and engage with the school. For example, engagement with parenting programmes has greatly increased through holding them virtually and relationships have strengthened through the 26 Challenge. ‘This year I had my first zoom call with the school to discuss my son's EHCP and future. Normally this is done within school. I am given plenty of time to think about issues I may need to raise and come away with a clear understanding of what has been achieved and what his new targets are’ (parent).

• Induction into the school and Transition at Y6 have both been thoughtfully adapted, for example with on-line meetings, real time videos with staff, photos and videos of the environment and Frequently Asked Questions on the website, all providing reassurance for children and their families.

• Gosberton House has continued to be a listening school. There has been a range of consultations using different methods such as questionnaires and course evaluations, plus individual We Asked You Said We Did evidence.

• Parents are well informed of their child’s learning and progress through for example Tapestry which provide regular, easily accessible information, ‘Parents communicate back to us how it has worked so if they need additional support we can provide it i.e. visuals etc.’ (staff). ‘Parents are able to have an insight in to all the wonderful engaging work we do with the children through photographic and written evidence – this is a lovely way to keep parents engaged’ (staff). General curriculum information is provided, for example through individualised meetings and reviews, opportunities to celebrate learning and the website which offers clear curriculum information. Newsletters provide information about learning and activities in each class throughout the school. ‘Annually there are EHCP reviews which give us the opportunity to discuss our child's specific needs and to discuss progress and agree the plan ahead for the year. There are also regular parent/teacher progress meetings. I always feel that feedback is honest and constructive’ (parent).

• Parents and staff value that the individual needs of children and families are met. Parents stated their huge appreciation of the positive attitude and support that their child and whole family had from school, ‘Being a parent of a child at the school gives me a sense of comfort and relief that my child is being well cared for and that I can be at ease when I have questions to ask no matter how basic they can sometimes be’.